Dedicated Portal Program (DPP)

Reimbursement Specialist Services

Our Dedicated Portal Program (DPP) assigns a Reimbursement Specialist devoted to meeting the unique needs of the medical office and their patients.  Our Reimbursement Specialists are experts in the navigation of public and private insurance plans and compassionate programs, and have the knowledge and experience to overcome hurdles (such as special authorization requests).  We efficiently coordinate benefits to ensure that patients receive the treatments they need.  We also assist office personnel to complete any third-party and patient support program forms.

To further help with minimizing the office’s administrative burden, we place appointment reminder calls to patients on their behalf.

The office has after hours access to their assigned Reimbursement Specialist, who is available around the clock. 

Reimbursement Specialists can be contacted directly at any time, offering unlimited access to our services.

On-Site Services

Our Dedicated Portal Program (DPP) also assigns each office a
Specialty Accounts Representative who will visit the office to help streamline administrative work and provide inventory management.  


Products are delivered by our team members.  By not contracting our delivery services to a third party, you can always be assured that your products will be delivered on time with cold-chain monitoring processes in place throughout transit.


Once the products reach the office, our sophisticated cold-chain management processes includes continuous monitoring of on-site medical refrigeration.   Product integrity is always maintained.

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