We provide a comprehensive suite of seamless services to support all aspects of patient care. 

What We Do

Patient Care is comprised of many moving parts.  Not only are the patient and physician involved, but also the physician’s office, public and private insurance companies, manufacturer compassionate programs, and the provision of the medical treatment itself.  Navigating the system can be confusing and cumbersome.  The services that Auxilium Health provide remove the complexities so that physicians and patients can focus on health objectives without having to worry about access to medical treatments.

Administrative & Field Services

Our reimbursement and on-site services assist prescribers and patients with the administrative burdens of drug coverage coordination and enrollment, and support physicians and their clinics with inventory management and adverse event monitoring.    

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Our expertise in quality assurance, product monitoring and cold-chain delivery means that physicians can be confident that safe and effective medications are distributed to their clinics, and ultimately to their patients.  We provide specialty compounded products that meet the most stringent of safety standards.   

Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Data management, analysis and reporting services are tailored to meet client requests.  We are flexible and accommodate a spectrum of needs.  

Analytic & Reporting Services
Analysing the Numbers
Programs We Offer
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